IBC Shell

Spying is Just Not What It Used To Be

This was once the purview of a proud crop of domestic and international professionals trained in copious covert disciplines.
A secretive group with saucy pictures and tell-tale tales. From a sovereign standpoint everyone spied on everyone, and the enemy was looked upon as a respected tradesperson.
Nowadays much of the spy booty is collected with a great help from all of us who open the door daily to the World Wide Nyet.
Don’t we all long for the simpler days of Maxwell Smart, 007, and Tinker Tailors.
Mind-mining has replaced the intricate gadgetry, wiretaps, poison pens, and the like.
But wait. All is not agloom!
The Spyscape Museum has opened, and with it a moshopy of modern master sleuth-craft, plus those nostalgic things of survey.


– Norman


Norman Kay is the CEO and Chief Creative Officer and inspiration behind IBC Shell’s creative intuition and market influence. He has directed award-winning packaging and branded consumer identity products for established global brands including Grey Goose Vodka, Estee Lauder, Chivas Regal, Swiss Army, Victoria’s Secret and Bombay Sapphire Gin. Norman’s work has received The Global Design & Advertising Award, The American Graphic Design Award, The International Award of Excellence for Visual Arts, and The American Packaging Design Award. He has lectured and authored articles on design, packaging technology, the magnetic forces of packaging, and amplifying the brand experience.


Everyone at IBC Shell is passionate, committed, and focused on our clients and our mission. Our chemistry is a blend of intelligence, talent, invention, contagious enthusiasm and integrity. This is the soul of our company. This is the energy and the marrow that distinguishes IBC Shell from others. We are a category of one. Every member of our team is continually encouraged to create neoteric ideas that push the competence of our company forward. We are dedicated to being the best, the brightest, and the quickest.  “The tortoise’s victory was a fluke!”

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