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Effective packaging management requires a complete solution that transposes the design theorem into physical reality. Success translates into brand affinity, aesthetic character, functional reality, lean cost, and on-time / on-launch performance.


One comprehensive packaging-centric design & production firm can bring the experience and capability that preserves the intent of the original brief while offering the client a seamless transactional experience.


The path from package conception to execution requires a cohesive skillset:


Accurate interpretation of the brief  > Familiarity with the demographic, category and tier  > Grasp of the brand strategy & Go-to-market plan  > Design & Development acumen  > 3D & pre-production prototyping  > Engineering  > Immaculate production  > Quality assurance & compliance  > Door-to-door Logistics.


All, while managing the constraints of budget, lead time, and launch. This implies one turn-key solution with complete communication, control, and coordination of the entire program.


Effectiveness is achieved by selecting a predominant design influence that dwells within a manufacturing environment; possesses the development and engineering capability, the production partners, 3rd party global QC & compliance, and the internal organization to manage every facet of the program. That team is tasked with communicating the detail, progress, and all critical issues to the client’s approval chain in a seamless, concise, organized transactional envelope.


One comprehensive organization is employed to evaluate a range of aesthetic & functional design alternatives, bringing the design statement to fruition, engineered for quality, cost containment, safety, and speed-to-market; with a result that meets performance dates and retains the vitality of the original concept.


The entire process must flow seamlessly with minimal time investment and stress on the client’s internal resources.


Today’s accelerated pace of product development demands a top to bottom viewpoint with a multi-disciplined expertise that manifests brilliant design and flawless execution throughout the production cycle.


By Norman Kay, CEO, IBC Shell Packaging

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