IBC Shell

Making a Global Impact

At IBC Shell, we love how different industries strive to achieve sustainability in their own original ways.  For the packaging industry, it could be designing a stunning value-added package out of recyclable or renewable materials.  In the hospitality world, it can mean designing an exquisite hotel like The Brando; a 35-villa luxury resort on the French Polynesian atoll of Tetiaroa, which was formerly owned by actor Marlon Brando.  This environmentally sustainable hotel houses features such as an air-conditioning system that cools the air using seawater and utilizing electricity that comes from solar panels as well as coconut oil for environmentally friendly biofuel power generation. The resort also funds the Tetiaroa Society, a non-profit research station on the atoll which regularly hosts scientists.

From the creation of green technologies to the development of a lighter environmental footprint to the eradication of mosquitoes, The Brando has crafted local solutions which could help battle global health crises.  The resort’s beekeepers send their robust queens to farms around the globe fighting against colony collapse. The resort also houses food-digesting machines that condense a normally six-month composting process into 24 hours, turning the resort’s organic waste into rich black soil that can sustain full kitchen gardens on these nutrient-poor coral islands. Yes, The Brando always offers guests amazing experiences in a spectacular place, but its greatest contributions offer the world something far more valuable. So tell us, what is your businesses doing to make a major impact?

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