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Initiating a Sustainable Packaging Proposition

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Brand owners are experiencing enormous rewards for becoming environmentally responsible. By implementing an intelligent, ecological strategy, corporations have achieved stunning results:

The terms, green, sustainable, and ecologically friendly are bantered about, often misused, and frequently misleading.
Sustainable packaging is manufactured using substrates that have a neutral effect on the planet’s ecological system, acting to preserve our environment with positive consequences on the populace. Ideally an environmentally prudent packaging life cycle would encompass material sourcing, manufacturing, transportation, consumer usage and reprocessing. The object is to use materials that are recycled, are recyclable, biodegradable, or, possibly, compostable. These materials are then converted and re-processed via environmentally clean processes, using minimal energy resources and transport volume.

Initiating a sustainable packaging proposition.

IBC Shell Packaging also imports hand crafted products by artisans located throughout the globe. Our commitment is to produce the finest articles available, to perpetuate these rare skills, and to foster the use of sustainable materials.

The increased weather abnormalities: rising temperatures and water levels, arctic melting, firestorms, erosion, crop damage and loss, quakes and various metaphorical locusts – all and infinitely more are due to the Earth’s crying out for intelligent decisions that are already beyond late.

Norman Kay CEO

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