IBC Shell

Successful Digital Implanting for Consumer Products

Absolutely Stirring Marketing Experience

How do you create a meaningful experience for the end-user?  It’s a core question that we ask ourselves at the beginning of every project.  Recently, IBC Shell has developed a stir rod for adult alcohol beverage companies. 

This is a stir rod that you have never encountered!  This sleekly designed tool with a dimensional quad-fin incorporates an NFC chip that allows users to effortlessly tap their smart phones for endless on-demand content! Brands can communicate direct app download, latest product ads, engaging social media, polls, etc.  IBC Shell can program and deliver alternate messaging for this new compelling marketing vehicle.

With 3D printers at our fingertips, we entered the prototyping phase quickly. Initially the tool was assembled in several pieces, but then we had a crazy idea!  Why not implant the chip into the print eliminating subsequent steps. We avoided the high ABS temperature settings that would destroy the chip or upset the calibration. With a few pre-engineered adjustments we were able to successfully implant the chip into the printed prototype.  The product works seamlessly, and the user-experience is magical!

This product is patent pending by IBC Shell / International Business Communications, Inc.

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