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Inventive Mixology

Did you know there is a technique to muddling fresh ingredients?  If you thought, ‘no way, What?!’ … we were also clueless until we took a deeper dive into the research.

We interviewed many mixologist and cuisine experts from the NYC Metropolitan area for their insights and insider suggestions! 

Muddling physically releases the flavor of fresh ingredients so they truly infuse into the cocktail creation. 

Delicate herbs like Basil & Mint can become bitter if over-worked.  Yet rosemary, lime and other firmer ingredients need a bit of extra pressure. 

I have always made tasty and seasonal cocktails, but once I discovered the art of muddling it was a real taste / experience changer!

With many choices, why isn’t there a muddler in the marketplace that  explains ‘the muddle’ and the full process?

IBC Shell saw this as an opportunity to create a tool that cocktailers would savor.

What an excellent device to enjoy with friends as they invent the next sharable recipe.

IBC Shell has developed this as ‘The World’s First Intelligent Muddler’. Simply tap your phone at the top and our micro-chip will ignite your experience plus…

a quick tutorial for all those insider tips to make the most delicious creations!  The content is constantly being updated so the consumer has an ongoing stream of ideas.

Our tool is equipped with a fresh squeezer on one end, and a muddle tip on the other for delicate herbs as well as denser ingredients.

When opened, a dual-sided stainless steel cocktail fork and a stirrer are snuggly nested. 

Here’s to inventive mixology.

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