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Six Degrees of Preparation

A singular vision can alter the complexion of an entire category. An exceptional idea becomes the core of a brand.
And a concept, properly designed and executed, will profoundly impact recognition, loyalty, retention of that loyalty, and ultimately, your market share. So it is with your packaging which must inspire, trigger, and build upon the confidence of those who will become the foundation of your franchise.

Assumptions worth questioning:

Are your vision and objectives clearly defined, and has a detailed brief been communicated and qualified with your associates? It’s unfortunate that this degree of preparation is rarely, mindfully transmitted.

Do you have buy-in assurance & insurance from your key resources and approval chain? Better check your ‘credibility deductible,’ as that’s another pivotal degree of preparation.

Have you successfully implemented an innovative program previously? Perhaps, but it is different now. It’s never the same.

Kay’s law: “What can go wrong during product & packaging development is never as previously experienced or anticipated, and the snag resides within faulty preparation and an inadequate horizon line.”

Six Degrees of Preparation

One: Filter the chaff from the influential metrics of your marketplace by focusing on what drives the decisions of your demographic.

Two: Cultivate your brand’s personality. Refine the layers of texture, complexity, options & breadth. The narrative is of vital importance, it’s fundamental. You are either birthing a neoteric idea or entity….. or your differentiation is merely another flavor of sameness.

Three: Grab your piece of real estate – your slice of the market. Claim it, and pledge to develop this uncontested space by elevating, accelerating and exploding your presence, by establishing your margin of influence with a series of power moves.

Four: Understand that the thing is not the experience. “The experience is the thing” Start delivering on that experience.

Five: Decide who you want to keep company with and grasp the possibilities of a strategic alliance. And whomever you select as the fissionable material for your explosive growth had better have your blood type.

Six:The primacy of a great idea feeds on smart systems, and recognizing ‘the need for speed.’ Evolve quickly and get comfortable with impermanence – because impermanence is permanent!

…Okay my brand endorphin junkies, let’s get it done.

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