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Luminescent Packaging Inks & eFiber


It’s time to light-up your world with Luminescent Packaging, one of the latest trends in packaging technology by IBC Shell. Whether you are interested in a sequential light pattern for your custom packaging, animated display graphics, or a pulsing flash animation to interact with your consumer, IBC Shell offers you incredible concepts that will intensify and ignite your packaging at retail.

With the use of our eFiber, micro-particles migrate in response to a stimulus or touch of a button. The shopper ignites the impression that results in a ‘traveling light’ experience. These minuscule images emit colored pixels resulting in the appearance of a homogeneous picture. With our transparent overlays, unlimited detail can be integrated into your custom package design.

A secondary approach to multisensory lighted packaging is flashing luminescent inks that use transparent light panels to display custom, engaging brand-specific visuals. Low power battery life can last for months providing an exciting option for beautiful package design that amplifies your brand for long periods.

IBC Shell will program your presentation to complement your branding; providing one complete turnkey packaging solution.

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